Look at my new Heat Tool holder!

Do you like tools and organizing to help you in your paper crafting? I know I do and I’ve had a wish list that has been growing along with my love of stamping. My son, Johnathan, who enjoys stamping, was trying to come up with ideas for me for Christmas because his funds were limited. He has been spending a lot of time in the work shop since landscaping is slow right now. He’s been playing with his “toys” during his college break and came up with some wonderful gifts for Christmas that have been on my list for awhile.  I thought I would share them with you today.  Forgive me for “bragging” a bit – I’m a proud mom.

First is a non stamping gift – it’s a coffee mug holder for my kitchen wall. I’ve been collecting coffee cups since my first school trip to Germany in high school and so have quite a collection from the different places I’ve been over the years.

coffee cup rack

The second item is a heat tool holder so that I can work hands free. He made several of these for me as he fine tuned his own version of this idea. One in pine that is stain grade, one in MDF that is paintable and finally he surprised me with a beautiful one that he made out of a black walnut stump from the yard which was part of my Christmas gift. (Everyone thought these were great when they saw them so he’s making some up to sell.)

Heat gun holder

heat gun holder

His last gift was a ribbon holder for my desk. He is still “tweaking” this design a bit before he makes it into a wall unit for me but so far it is working great!

ribbon holder

One thought on “Look at my new Heat Tool holder!

  1. Hello you are very lucky to have such a talented son. I was hoping that i could get the measurements for the heat gun stand so i can have a go at making it myself.
    I would appreciate this as i have trouble holding the heat gun due to my hands not working the best.
    Kind regards Christine (Australia )

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