Tips for Cleaning your Simply Shammy

Does you shammy look like this?

This is a photo of my Simply Shammy after an event. tons of ink on it and it needs a good cleaning. I rinsed it in the sink to start with and got a lot of ink out of it, but still I felt it needed a better cleaning. So I jumped in and threw it in my dishwasher. Yes, you head me correctly. The color faded, I guess from the additive (I’m guessing) in the soap which didn’t bother me. However, while this worked I had stood it up on the top rack and it left little “dents” in my Simply Shammy where it rested on the bottom that have never come out. This did not make me happy.

You can see it here on the right side of the Simply Shammy.

So I figured I’d try the washer with my towels (and even my sheets lately in a pinch). I know what you’re thinking. It will stain my towels, right? I didn’t find that to be the case at all. But if you are still a little hesitant why not throw it in with something dark?

And this process worked even with the hot water I use for my towels and it didn’t leave marks or make the Simply Shammy fade either which made me happy. I’ve even missed one and dried it with the towels, it didn’t seem to hurt it but I try not to do that.

Love it! They are Clean & Fresh and ready to go for the next event!

So if your Simply Shammy is getting a bit grungy why not give it a try?

I really love these things and have multiples that I keep in a “carrying” case so I can take it with me and it stays moist when I’m stamping – If you haven’t seen my post and download for it you can check it out HERE.

Remember to allow yours to dry when not in use and simply wet again when you need it. Here in Georgia it is pretty humid so they can get kind of gross if you don’t.


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  1. Jini, thank you for sharing this information! My Shammy needs to be cleaned now.

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