Color Spritzer Stand

Are you in love with our Color Spritzers? I know I am and at $2.95 for 2 you can get one for each color!

My son has taken over our garage with his wood working tools this past month or so and has been building away getting his set up just so. So when he saw all my Color Spritzers laying on the table in my studio he asked me what they were for. I could see his mind working away on a way to store them for me – he found the answer quickly.

color spritzer

So here is his design. He made the Color Spritzer Stand for me to hold an entire color collection – Isn’t it great! No more hunting for the right color I need. I used my trusty label maker to write the color on them as I fill them so they are all organized and easy to put back into the right holder.(No OCD here right?)

Here is a picture of both the Color Spritzer Stand he built for me and the old marker holders he and his dad made when he was younger. These were great for the kids – no markers rolling off the table and falling on the floor to dry out or have to pick up. The kids teachers loved them since we always gave them a set for their classrooms each year when school started.

color spritzer

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