Slip Free Yarn Hangers

Today’s post is one that is a non stamping project, but I thought you may enjoy it. Lately I’ve had several people ask me to share how I make these Slip Free Yarn Hangers that I’ve made for family and friends. So I thought to myself it would be easier to show you with a video tutorial.


These slip free yarn hangers are easy to make, use up those left over skeins I’ve got laying around the house, and keep my hands busy so I don’t snack while watching TV at night! (My weight loss program at its finest since late night snacking is a tough one for me – LOL)

My daughter has recently discovered the benefits of these after she took her batch that I made as a Christmas gift to college. No more tank tops on the floor of her college closet. She has recently said to me  “These are great. Can you make me another 20?”

So I’m looking for more of those wire hangers. The biggest problem I have is finding two that are the size shape and size hiding in my stash.

Hope you enjoy my tutorial. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. And if you make some – why not share your creations with me on my Facebook page? I’d love to see your slip free yarn hangers!

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12 thoughts on “Slip Free Yarn Hangers

  1. Glad you like this post Janie, I wasn’t sure about doing it since it wasn’t paper crafting. But I’ll look forward to hearing about your experience making the hangers and seeing what you end up with 🙂

  2. My grandma taught me how to make these as a child. Took me back! I’m going to make some more – no more taking the wire hangers back to the drycleaners.

  3. I did my first hanger today, my Dad did hundreds years ago and I have wanted to do them, thanks for the help. A question, what type of yarn is best? I know you use leftovers but I will need to buy mine. I had some but it was 100% wool and not good. Thanks for your help.


    • John, I’m glad you enjoyed the video and it was helpful. As far as what yarn I use, I tend to use an inexpensive yarn blend. The last brand I used was Red Heart that I picked up at my local big box store. Hope that helps.

  4. My mother in law used to make these & wants to make them again. Since she’s in her 80s, online tutorials are not for her. Can you provide the step by step written instructions with a supply list so that I can pass it to her. Thank you.

    • Gerry, I’m glad you enjoyed the video and I hope you can share it with your mother in law. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t find a good way to put it into written instructions which is why I did a video to share. Maybe you could try one yourself and show her how. The supplies are pretty basic; hangers, yarn, tape and scissors.

  5. Anxious to make some – most likely many of them!
    What do you do when you need to add more yarn? Just tie off the old and new and
    cover ends?

    • Lydia I try to make sure my ball is large enough to do the whole project. However, I have added yarn by knotting (the first piece and second ball) them together carefully and making sure to tuck in the ends as I continue.

  6. Thank you so much. I made these years ago but forgot how. I needed this tutorial to start again because these hangars are perfect for sweaters and slippery fabrics. You are absolutely correct that they are a good project while watching TV. Idle hands….you know.

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